Is Keymailer legit? Comprehensive Review

As a content creator or a gaming enthusiast, you may have come across Keymailer, a platform that connects gamers with game developers and publishers. In today’s world of numerous online scams, it’s crucial to verify whether a service like Keymailer is legit or not. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the various aspects of Keymailer, its offerings, and ultimately answer the question: Is Keymailer legit?

What is Keymailer?

Keymailer is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between content creators and game developers or publishers. It offers a streamlined way for developers and publishers to distribute game keys to content creators, like streamers and YouTubers, who can then review or showcase the games to their audience. The platform also provides content creators with easy access to a vast library of games to request keys from.

How does Keymailer work?

For Content Creators:

  1. Sign up: To get started, content creators need to create a free account on Keymailer and connect their YouTube, Twitch, or other streaming platforms.
  2. Browse and request games: Once your account is verified, you can browse the extensive game library and request keys for the games you’re interested in.
  3. Receive game keys: If the game developer or publisher approves your request, you’ll receive a game key that you can redeem on platforms like Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox.
  4. Create content: After redeeming the game key, create content about the game, such as a review, gameplay, or a live stream, and share it with your audience.
  5. Tag and track: Tag your content on Keymailer to track its performance and increase your chances of receiving more game keys in the future.

For Game Developers and Publishers:

  1. Sign up: Create an account on Keymailer and verify your identity as a game developer or publisher.
  2. Upload game information: Add details about your game, including its description, release date, and any promotional material like trailers or screenshots.
  3. Distribute game keys: Send out game keys to the content creators who request them or directly to those you think would be a good fit for your game.
  4. Monitor coverage: Keymailer tracks the content created for your game, providing you with valuable insights and statistics to help you measure the success of your campaigns.

Is Keymailer safe to use?

Keymailer takes the safety and security of its users seriously. The platform uses SSL encryption to protect user data and has a strict privacy policy that ensures your personal information isn’t shared with third parties without your consent. Additionally, Keymailer verifies content creators’ accounts and their connections to YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms to ensure that game keys are distributed only to legitimate creators.

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The Verdict: Is Keymailer Legit?

After exploring the various aspects of Keymailer, we can confidently say that Keymailer is a legitimate platform for both content creators and game developers/publishers. It offers a valuable service by connecting creators with game developers and publishers, providing an efficient way for creators to access game keys and developers to promote their games.

However, as with any platform, success on Keymailer depends on your efforts as a content creator or game developer/publisher. By actively engaging with the platform, creating high-quality content, and building your audience, you can make the most of the opportunities that Keymailer provides.

In conclusion, if you’re a content creator looking for new games to review or a game developer/publisher seeking to promote your game, Keymailer is a legitimate and valuable platform to consider.

Keymailer vs. Woovit: A Detailed Comparison

While Keymailer is a popular platform for connecting content creators with game developers and publishers, it’s not the only player in the field. Woovit is another similar platform offering game key distribution services. In this section, we’ll compare Keymailer and Woovit to help you make an informed decision on which platform suits your needs better.

Keymailer vs. Woovit: Features


  • Extensive game library with thousands of titles for content creators to request keys from.
  • Automatic content tracking and analytics for game developers and publishers.
  • Allows content creators to connect multiple streaming platforms to their account, increasing their chances of receiving game keys.
  • Offers free and premium plans for both content creators and game developers/publishers.


  • Wide range of games for content creators to choose from, with a focus on indie titles.
  • Detailed analytics and campaign management tools for game developers and publishers.
  • Requires content creators to meet specific eligibility criteria to request keys for certain games, ensuring a higher level of quality control.
  • Offers free and paid plans for game developers and publishers, while content creators can use the platform for free.

Keymailer vs. Woovit: Ease of Use

Both Keymailer and Woovit offer user-friendly interfaces and straightforward processes for content creators and game developers/publishers. However, Woovit’s eligibility criteria for content creators can make it slightly more challenging to receive game keys, especially for smaller channels or those just starting.

On the other hand, Keymailer provides an easier entry point for content creators, although this can also result in a higher number of requests from channels with lower quality or smaller audiences.

Keymailer vs. Woovit: Community and Support

Keymailer boasts a larger user base, which means more content creators and game developers/publishers are actively using the platform. This can result in more opportunities for both parties, although it might also lead to increased competition.

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Woovit has a smaller community, but it also means that content creators might have a higher chance of receiving game keys due to less competition. Moreover, Woovit’s stricter eligibility criteria ensure that the platform caters to a more focused and quality-driven audience.

In terms of support, both platforms offer documentation and customer support to help users navigate their services.

Keymailer vs. Woovit: Pricing

While both platforms offer free plans for content creators, their pricing structures differ for game developers and publishers.

Keymailer offers a tiered pricing model, with a free plan and two premium plans that provide additional features and benefits, such as enhanced analytics, priority support, and custom branding.

Woovit provides a freemium model for game developers and publishers. The free plan offers basic features, while the paid plan, Woovit Plus, includes additional benefits like advanced analytics, priority support, and the ability to create custom campaigns.

Conclusion: Which Platform is Right for You?

Both Keymailer and Woovit are legitimate and valuable platforms for content creators and game developers/publishers. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you’re a content creator with a smaller channel or just starting, Keymailer might be a better option due to its easier entry point. However, if you have an established channel and are looking for a more focused and quality-driven platform, Woovit might be a better fit.

For game developers and publishers, the choice comes down to your budget and the features you require. Keymailer’s tiered pricing model offers more flexibility, while Woovit’s freemium model focuses on providing a strong set of features in both its free and paid plans.

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