APG button in KingKong 2 Pro

The Auto Pilot Gaming (APG) button on the GuliKit NS09 KingKong 2 Pro Controller (also sold as Gulikit Zen Pro) is a feature that records and replicates your gameplay actions. This function can be useful for repetitive tasks within a game or for executing complex sequences of inputs consistently. Below, we explain how the APG button works:

  1. APG Activation and Recording: By pressing and holding the APG button for three seconds, the controller begins to record all the inputs you make. You will feel a long vibration, signalling the start of the recording process. The controller will continue recording until you press the APG button again or until it reaches the maximum recording time of 10 minutes. The recording process is completed with a short vibration.
  2. Auto Pilot Gaming (Playback): After the recording phase, you can let the controller automatically execute the recorded inputs by pressing the APG button once. This process is referred to as Auto Pilot Gaming. If you want the controller to loop the recorded inputs continuously, double-click the APG button.
  3. Operation During Playback: Even when the controller is executing recorded inputs, you can still use the thumbsticks. However, pressing any other button will stop the Auto Pilot Gaming mode.
  4. Setting and Clearing APG: To customize the APG function, hold the GuliKit NS09 KingKong 2 Pro Controller – icon 2 button and press the relevant button. By default, these settings are cleared every time you restart the controller in normal mode. However, if you use the Professional Player Mode, the settings will be saved and persist across sessions.
  5. Controller Auto Shutdown and Wake Up: To conserve battery, the controller will automatically shut down if no button is pressed for 10 minutes. To wake up the controller, press any of the A, B, X, Y, Home, or Mode buttons. The auto-shutdown feature is disabled in the following modes: auto repeated Turbo shooting, Auto-Pilot Gaming, and during a wired connection.
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Here’s a video example in Stardew Valley how AI recording of KingKong 2 Pro works:

And there’s an example how to farm sapphires in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

In summary, the APG feature of the GuliKit NS09 KingKong 2 Pro Controller allows players to record, replicate, and loop their gameplay actions, offering an advantage in certain gaming scenarios.

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