Huion Kamvas 13: How good is it? Review

I got the chance to test the Huion Kamvas 13 drawing tablet and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s a really good piece of hardware. But let’s take a look closely at this device.

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As I have said, Huion Kamvas 13 surprised me. It felt really sleek and well-made, not at all what I expected for an entry-level pen display. It’s lightweight and portable, perfect for carrying around in my bag. Plus, it comes in three cool colors: black, green, and purple! I got the black one.

There are eight buttons on the side that you can program for shortcuts, which is neat. They do come blank though, so it takes some time to memorize what you assigned to each one. There are even tiny bumps on four of them to help you feel your way around without looking away from the screen.

The pen itself is comfortable to hold, but it might feel a bit on the light side for some people. There’s also a separate pen that’s even slimmer available, but I liked the regular one just fine. It works for both lefties and righties, which is a plus, and the Kamvas 13 can be flipped to position the buttons on whichever side you prefer.

The screen: big enough?

The drawing area is a good size for creating, though the overall display resolution is 1080p. This means text and windows might look a bit chunky, but the actual image you’re working on looks great. If you need a super high-resolution screen, there’s a pricier Kamvas Pro 13 with a 2.5K resolution, but for me, the 1080p was just fine.

The display itself is tilted easily thanks to the included stand, which is a huge plus. It folds up nicely and provides different angles for drawing comfort. The only downside is that Huion doesn’t sell a separate carrying case for the Kamvas 13, which would be handy for on-the-go artists.

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Drawing feels natural

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This is where things get exciting! Using the pen on the screen felt incredibly natural. There’s a slight texture that makes it feel like you’re drawing on actual paper, and the pen sensitivity is amazing. It picks up on pressure really well, so you can create thin lines or thick strokes just by pressing harder or lighter. It even detects the tilt of the pen, which adds a whole new level of control.

Here’s the coolest part: No more disconnect between your hand and what you see on the screen! Unlike a regular tablet where you draw on a separate surface and look at your monitor, here you’re drawing directly on the image. It makes things so much more intuitive and feels way more like real drawing.


For editing photos, the Kamvas 13 was a dream. It’s so much more precise and comfortable than using a mouse. Plus, working directly on the image makes masking and selections a breeze. The colors looked good overall, though not perfect for super color-critical tasks. But hey, that’s what high-end monitors are for!

There was a tiny bit of lag when using some software sliders, but nothing major. It didn’t affect navigating menus or drawing at all. The screen itself does pick up fingerprints, but the included glove helps with that. It’s a bit weird to wear while drawing, but it definitely reduces smudges.

The Verdict: Great for the price

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If you’re looking for a pen display that won’t break the bank but lets you experience the magic of drawing directly on screen, the Huion Kamvas 13 is a fantastic option. The quality is impressive for the price, and the 1080p resolution is decent enough for most things. Sure, a higher resolution would be nice, but the Kamvas 13 manages just fine with what it’s got.

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The best part? This pen display is super portable and works perfectly with laptops and desktops. Plus, it’s a great way to try out pen displays without investing a fortune. If you love the experience and crave a bigger, higher-resolution screen, you can always upgrade later.

Overall, the Huion Kamvas 13 is a solid choice for beginner artists or anyone who wants to take their digital artwork to the next level. It’s comfortable to use, performs well, and won’t leave you feeling like you emptied your savings account.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Size: The screen is on the smaller side, so consider how much space you need to draw comfortably.
  • Resolution: The image quality is good, but not amazing. It might not be suitable for professional color correction work.
  • Cable clutter: The 3-in-1 cable can be a bit bulky, especially on laptops.
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