Mouse hand size calculator tool

Finding the right mouse is crucial for comfort and efficiency, as hands vary in shapes and sizes. The ideal mouse should allow your fingers to comfortably reach buttons and the scroll wheel, enable easy access to side buttons or a side scroll wheel with your thumb, and provide proper support to the back of your palm or your entire palm.

For those who use their palm to move the mouse, a curvier, fuller mouse shape is recommended, especially for small to medium-sized hands. Larger hands can benefit from mice with ample palm support, relieving tension and enhancing comfort. If portability is a priority or if you control the mouse primarily with your fingertips, a more compact mouse might be the best choice. The message emphasizes the importance of selecting a mouse that fits your hand well to reduce strain and optimize your clicking experience.

Computer Mouse Size Calculator

In the chart below you will find how big of a mouse will be a match for you.

Mouse hand size calculator chart

Imperial (Inches)Metric (mm)Imperial (Inches)Metric (mm)
< 6.3< 160Extra Small (XS)< 4.4< 113
6.3 to 6.8160 to 172.7Small (S)4.4113
6.8 to 7.7172.8 to 195.7Medium (M)4.8122.5
7.7 to 8.4195.7 to 213.5Large (L)5127.8
> 8.4> 213.6Extra Large (XL)> 5.0127.8
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