First Impressions: The SNACK BOX MICRO Controller

When I first got my hands on the SNACK BOX MICRO fightstick, I knew I was in for something special. The size of this fighting game controller is the first thing you’ll notice. It’s tiny — so small that it barely takes up any room on your desk or lap. But don’t let its size fool you; this little gadget is packed with features that make it a serious contender in the world of fighting game controllers.

Design and Comfort: A Tiny Powerhouse

The SNACK BOX MICRO is compact, but its design is made so you still feel comfortable while playing. Even with its small size (25.4 x 12.7 x 1.27 cm), it feels just right in your hands. The rounded edges make sure there’s no discomfort, even during those long gaming sessions.

What stands out is how light the SNACK BOX MICRO is. You can hold it in your hands like a big video game controller, but with the button layout and precision of an arcade stick. This could be the best of both worlds for many gamers.

Also, remember that SNACK BOX MICRO LITE is not lighter or smaller in dimensions in any way, it just comes at a lower price with more limited compatibility – only works with PC and Switch.


2023 MICROPS5, PS4, PS3, XsX, XsS, X1, Switch, PC0.8 lbsApprox 10”x 5”x 1/2”
2023 MICRO XLPS5, PS4, PS3, XsX, XsS, X1, Switch, PC~1 lbsApprox 12.5”x 6”x 1/2”
MICRO LITEPC, Steam Deck, Android, Switch0.8 lbsApprox 10”x 5”x 1/2”
SNACK BOX MICRO VS XL VS LITE (dimensions and weight)

Fightstick’s Features: Packed With Tech

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Despite its small size, the SNACK BOX MICRO has lots of modern tech. It works on nearly every console you can think of: PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC. There’s also an app for both iOS and Android that makes it super easy to customize the controller. You can adjust LED colors, brightness, and even the controller’s settings right from your phone.

The buttons use Kailh low-profile red switches that are hot-swappable. This means that if you don’t like how they feel, you can change them out for something else without needing any tools.

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The controller also tackles the issue of hitting two opposite directions at once (left and right, or up and down) through something called SOCD cleaning. This makes the controller fair to use in tournaments by making sure that pressing two opposite directions will behave in a way that’s allowed by the game’s rules.

Gaming Performance: Quick and Accurate

The big question is, how does it feel to play with it? Here’s the deal: it takes a little bit of time to get used to it, especially if you’re coming from a bigger, traditional arcade stick. But once you get the hang of the button layout and the leverless design, the precision blows traditional controllers out of the water.

The buttons are smaller than what you may be used to, but they are positioned well. This means they are easy to reach and feel natural once you get used to it. Playing fighting games felt more accurate, and I found myself making less mistakes with inputs during heated battles.

Customization: Making It Your Own

The customizable top panel is another great touch. You can easily add your own artwork to the top of the SNACK BOX MICRO, giving it a personal flair. The back of the controller has a non-slip pad too, which is great for keeping it in place during intense fights.

Value for Money: My Favorite Fightstick

At $265, the SNACK BOX MICRO isn’t cheap. But what you’re getting is more than just a controller; it’s about having a portable, yet powerful, tool for your competitive gaming. The customization and the convenience of its small size make it a worthy investment, especially if you’re serious about your fighting games.

Is it better than Hitbox Fightstick? Snackbox vs Hitbox

So, the Hitbox, it’s the OG, the classic leverless design with a bit more real estate. Three main buttons, three smaller ones, and a jump button. On the other hand, the Snackbox Micro is the sleeker sibling, cutting down on size while keeping that leverless charm.

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Hitbox is no slouch in customization. Removable pegs, artwork changes, the whole shebang. But, gotta be real, taking it apart for a cleanup or tweaks can be a bit of a process. Now, the Snackbox Micro, oh man, it’s all about that modularity. No cables, easy-peasy keycap and switch changes. It’s like the LEGO of controllers.

Hitbox’s got the classic Brook board for PS4 and PC, but no love for the PS5 as of now. Snackbox Micro steps it up with the latest Brook board, Bluetooth, and an app for LED party tricks.

Hitbox comes in at $249. Snackbox Micro, with the latest Brook board and some sweet artwork, hits you at $265.

So, which one’s the winner? For me in 2023, Snackbox Micro takes the crown. It’s got that modern vibe, better modularity, and just feels like the controller of the future. But, hey, it all comes down to your style of play. Both are pretty great to be honest and it’s great that there’s quality competition.

Overall Verdict: A Big Win

For those who love fighting games, the SNACK BOX MICRO might be your next favorite tool. Yes, it takes some time to learn, but once you do, there’s no going back. You get a powerful, customizable, and convenient controller. And best of all, it’s so small you can take it just about anywhere.

To sum up, my first impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The SNACK BOX MICRO is a game changer, quite literally. If you’re on the hunt for a new fighting game controller, this little box could be the big thing you’ve been looking for.

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