Gulikit Kingkong 3 KK3 Max/Pro controller announced

Gamescom 2023 was buzzing with excitement, and one of the major highlights for PC gamers was Gulikit’s stand. They’ve always been known for their innovative controllers, and this year was no exception. The big reveal? Their newest controller – the Gulikit KingKong 3 (KK3 Max / Pro). For those of us who love durable controllers with hall effect sensor sticks it’s a great news, because the piece comes with a lot of new features.

Now, let’s break down what this new controller is all about, in simple words:

1. Swappable Back Buttons

Ever wanted to change the buttons on your controller’s back to suit your gaming style? With the KingKong 3, you can. This feature lets you swap out the buttons as you wish, making it super flexible.

2. Gpower CPU with Super Speed

The KingKong 3 comes with a Gpower CPU. What’s special about this? It’s super fast. When you plug in the controller using a wire, it responds almost instantly thanks to its 1000Hz polling rate. This means less delay between your button press and the action on screen.

3. New Magnetic Motor – A 2-in-1 Deal

Gulikit has designed a brand-new type of motor for this controller. It’s like getting two motors in one because it combines features of a rotor motor and a linear motor. This patented technology promises smoother and more immersive vibrations and feedback when you’re gaming.

4. Switchable Trigger Feature

Here’s something unique: the KingKong 3’s trigger button can switch between two modes – analog and digital. This patented feature offers players more control options and flexibility during gameplay.

5. Bright and Cool RGB Lights

For those who love a bit of flair, the KingKong 3 has got you covered. It’s equipped with RGB lights, meaning you can enjoy a colorful light show while you play!

And There’s More!

  • If you’ve used the previous KingKong 2, you’ll be glad to know that the new version has kept the hall effect sticks. These sticks provide better accuracy and durability.
  • PC gamers, rejoice! The KingKong 3 works perfectly with PCs. And for Xbox enthusiasts, while it’s not directly compatible, you can still use the controller with an adapter.

It’s definitely getting close and better in some aspects than the Dualsense Edge Controller. Hall effect and swappable back paddles and RGB’s? Sign me up! We don’t have any information about pricing yet, but we wil update the article when we will know more.

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  1. i want one now

    Needs ABXY lighted buttons/ buttom letters (color and mode and setting selectable) off. whole button. letter only (color) and off.. or random would be cool!


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