Gamesir G7 SE vs T4 Kaleid

Gamesir G7 SE and Gamesir T4 Kaleid are both great controllers with Hall Effect sensors that are quite cheap. The main difference is that G7 SE is Microsoft certified controller and T4 Kaleid isn’t, but there are a couple more.

Here’s a complete table comparing specs of these controllers.

SpecificationGamesir T4 Kaleidt4-kaleidGamesir G7 SEgamesir wired
Working PlatformsWindows 10/11, Switch, Android 8.0+Xbox Series X, Windows 10/11, Switch
ConnectionWired, 2m detachable USB-C cableWired, detachable 3m USB-C cable
3.5mm Audio JackYes (Not supported in XInput mode)Yes
6-axis GyroYesNo
Capture ButtonYes (Only supported in Switch mode)No
Microswitch ButtonsYes, ABXY, 5 million-click lifespanABXY: Membrane
Analog TriggersYes, Hall Effect Magnetic SensorsYes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
Trigger VibrationNoYes
Hall Effect SticksYesYes
Mechanical ButtonsYesNo
Rumble MotorsYes, 2 in total, in 2 grips4 motors, 2 in each handle and button
Back ButtonsYes, 2 Back Buttons2 quick-latch back buttons
Polling rate265Hz (can be set to 1000Hz with the app)265Hz (can be set to 1000Hz with the app)
RGB BacklightLED BacklightNo
Customization SoftwareYes, GameSir T4k AppGameSir Nexus customization software
Product Size156/107/60 mm / 6.14/4.21/2.36 inches152/103/63 mm or 5.98/4.06/2.48 inches
Net Weight212 g / 0.47 lbs221 g / 0.49 lbs
Gamesir T4 Kaleid and Gamesir G7 SE comparison

In my experience, what are other differences between these controllers:

  • G7 SE works with Xbox consoles, T4 Kaleid does not
  • T4 Kaleid has more clicky buttons (very satisfying to push) and G7 SE has more mushy buttons similar to a standard Xbox controller
  • T4 Kaleid feels bulkier than G7 SE, it will feel slightly better for bigger hands. G7 SE is a tiny bit smaller than a regular Xbox controller, it feels really light
  • G7 SE does come with a free month of Xbox Pass Ultimate
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In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either, these are probably the cheapest controllers with Hall Effect Joysticks and both feel great to play on.

Also, there’s Gamesir G7 SE and regular G7, which are also a bit different, so make sure to grab G7 SE, which is equipped with Hall Effect sensors and regular G7 is not.

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