Gamesir G7 SE vs T4 Kaleid

g7se vs t4kaleid

Gamesir G7 SE and Gamesir T4 Kaleid are both great controllers with Hall Effect sensors that are quite cheap. The main difference is that G7 SE is Microsoft certified controller and T4 Kaleid isn’t, but there are a couple more. Here’s a complete table comparing specs of these controllers. Specification Gamesir T4 Kaleid Gamesir G7 … Read more

Best FPS gaming headphones

best headphones fps

Here’s my personal list of the best headphones for gaming. Let’s call them “wallhack headphones”, haha. Headphones won’t make you a better player, but the ability of hearing steps and sounds in-game will definitely help a little bit. I have chosen headphones at very different pricing points and they are in no particular order. All … Read more