Potentiometer vs hall effect sensor in joysticks

controller with magnetic joystick

Before we compare alps joysticks and hall effect joysticks, let’s begin with explaining what are potentiometers and hall effects sensors in game controllers. In game controller joysticks, a potentiometer and a hall effect sensor can both be used to measure the position of the joystick. A potentiometer (used in the “ALPS joysticks”) works by sensing … Read more

Game controllers with hall effect joystick sensors

Yes, there are video game controllers that use Hall effect sensors to detect the position of the joystick or thumbstick. Hall effect sensors were typically used in high-end controllers/joysticks, such as those used in industrial applications or flight simulators, but slowly they’re making their way into gaming. They offer several advantages over traditional potentiometer-based joystick … Read more

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The use of liquid screen protectors has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional tempered glass screen protectors. However, some experts have raised concerns about the effectiveness and safety of these products. One of the main issues with liquid screen protectors is that they can be difficult to apply evenly, leading … Read more

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3D monitor solution will be appreciated by fans of three-dimensional entertainment and film screenings in 3D. Monitor equipped with modern 3D technology combines the standard functionality offered by classic monitors, with additional multimedia capabilities. What is a passive 3D monitor? A passive 3D monitor is a type of display technology that uses polarized glasses to … Read more

Best RetroPie Raspberry Pi gaming kits

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To be successful as an online streamer, you need a few things: high-speed internet connection, good quality webcam and microphone, and above all a powerful computer, which will be based on a high-end graphics card. The popularity of streams is amazing – the largest streams have viewership in tens of thousands of viewers in one … Read more